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French Bull Pet Purchase Application

Please  read  the following before filling out  the pet purchase application below.

We offer a 100% Money Back  Guarantee backed by  a Sales Agreement which is legally binding.

We are more focused on  those who actually  deserve the puppies.  Being  able to afford the  cost  of the  puppy does  not guarantee you being selected. The  price of our French Bull is $750. You also  get  a lifetime guarantee plus health  records.

The Terms Of  Pickup

Pickups are done on weekends. If you are selected, prior to  the date of pickup, you are required  to make a down payment of $750.  Then we will  schedule the day of pickup. We will do  a  vet check to ensure the  puppy  is in a great health.  Before making the payment, we will send  you  a copy  of the sales agreement for a  review. I accept pickup on or Sunday.

The Terms Of  Delivery

There are  pet delivery  agencies specialized in  the shipping  of pets. They  are professionals and I have  never had any problems shipping  my puppies.  It takes  about 48  hours for  me to make the delivery arrangements. When done, I’ll send you the flight  details and tracking code so you can get live updates. If  you are  selected You would  need need  to pay $750 for the puppy then an  extra  $200 for  delivery. If you would  like  home delivery,  you  would  need to pay an extra  $50. Prior to making the payment for the puppy, we will send you the sales agreement for a review. You are required to take the puppy  to your vet for checkup once the  puppy is delivered  to you.

Payment Method

I accept  payment by Zelle, Venmo, cash app and PayPal (Specifically Family and friends for PayPal). Many banks are  partnered with zelle.  Check with your mobile  banking app  or online  banking if  your bank is partnered  with zelle.  Some  banks  which are partnered with zelle include, Chase Bank, Wells Fargo, Bank Of America etc. I am a local breeder who breeds once a year and I  do  not accept credit cards, checks, money order, PayPal or wired transfer.

First Step To Take

Fill out the Pet Purchase form below and and submit.

Pet Purchase Application

    It is important that everyone living home welcomes the dog. So, they will feel well loved.
  • In just a few words, tell us about yourself and why you think now is the best time for you to have a new puppy.
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