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My Daughter Nelly and her buddy Jarvis. Nelly is a huge fan of the barbie cartoons and she always enjoys watching cartoons with Jarvis. They get along just fine. Blue french bull dogs are just the best friends one could ever have.

Michele K.


I made a promise to you that i’ll take very good care of Trixy and i will keep to that promise. She just got delivered today and we are all pretty excited. Thanks for the supplies you sent. Means alot. Thank you Nathaniel

Miranda Thomas


My daughter won’t stop talking about her new pal. She decided to name him Kizu. I just love seeing her happy as it fills my heart with joy. Ofcause I knew Saint Bernards are great pets. I just didn’t know they could bring so much Joy along. I will like to say thank you for all the help you have given to me so far. Nathaniel you are the best!!!

Lucy Hilson V.


My little king will follow me everywhere I go. Loves to snuggle and is never shy to pose for the camera. He is 18 weeks now. Thank you so Nathaniel for all your help and encouragements through this!

Jenny Plattman


At first, my boyfriend wasn’t really into the idea of getting a frenchy. But with the help of Natheniel and I, he finally agreed and we got one. Presently he loves the puppy morethan i do. And he even suggest we get another and name it after him lol. It’s really nice how we all get along just fine.

Theola F.


As a single dad, its not been easy battling with cancer and raising my 6 years old son all by myself. After I lost my wife, we lost the feeling of joy and genuine smile. But when Max came into our lives everything changed. Our evenings are now different. Am so happy.

Henry W.


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